Ziz is the oldest triplet of the three brothers who call themselves the World Resistance. He can control the wind and air around him including using it to lift him into the air, and also dispersing himself in the wind itself. Of the three brothers he is the leader and deeply cares for his siblings. His tail takes the form of an eagles, and he has a slim build..

Character HistoryEdit

Ziz's parents were killed in the war by soldiers, he witnessed their deaths and it left him with a deep hatred of 'normal' humans. He and his brothers spent years running before their rage got the better of them. Since then they formed the World Resistance and continually fight the government forces. He wears a baseball cap when in civillian clothing and a bird suit as his 'hero costume'. The costume is brown with beak that shields his eyes from the sun, his arms have feather-like extentions. He wears yellow boots styled like the scaley talons of birds of prey, along with matching gloves that force his hands into the vulcan salute. The head part of his costume includes a fin on the top to display his alligiance to his brothers and the World Resistance group.

Name OriginsEdit

Ziz is a primordial ruler of the sky, a giant eagle or griffin who protects the birds of the earth.
World resistance

An image depicting Ziz (top) next to his kin Behemoth (left) and Leviathan (right)

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