PowerSoul is a series about people with superhuman abilities. I have yet to think about a reason for their powers, however it will have something to do with their souls hence the title. PowerSoul centres around three sisters who control the elements of Fire, Ice and Electricity. In the world it is set in, the empowered are hated and feared by those without abilities. This is because of a war in the past between power-wielders and the others to determine who would rule. The power-bearers probably would have won however due to sheer numbers and leaps in technology 'normal' humans prevailed. The leaders of the world cultivate the climate of fear that people have against the empowered as it keeps all countries united. Because they lost the war all power-wielders must run as they are hunted by the police of their world, as well as an ancient society founded in 37A.D who hunt and kill 'demons' and believe that the superhumans are said 'demons'. Propagander mixed with paranoia has lead to a widespread belief among the 'normal' humans that the empowered are lesser beings more comparable to animals than humans.


The main characters are three sisters, with command over elements. They actively take down superhumans who have let their abilities run away with them. This is due to a promise they made to their parents, who were the first heroes, at their parents graves. Their mother and father died in a house fire for which each sister feels responsible for, non more so than the pyrokinetic girl.

There is another group of triplets who control the elements or Air, Water and Earth, all three were born with a tail that they can hide and allow them to manipulate their powers with greater efficiency. They call themselves Ziz, Leviathan and Behemoth. Each is named after the biblical beast that rule over the skies, seas and land.

There is also a superbeing that can open portals to his own dimention. These portals always take the form of mirrors. He can call forth from the dimention anything that is held there, the downside to his powers is it can only counterattack, by reflecting things out of these mirrors. Physically it is seen only as vaguely humanoid in shape composed of mirrors connected by black wire or tubes wearing a large green cape. The mirrors of his body also serve as portal to his dimention.

There is also a shaman who, if the candidate can prove him/herself to or is a dire situation requires it, can unlock some or all of the potential of a superhuman. The process is painful but allows the power-bearer to use a sub-ability or more advanced form of their power perhaps years before they would naturally 'learn' it. One downside to this is the power-wielder must then learn to control an ability before they're ready for it.

A female character who dresses in similar attire to the arabian shaman has the ability to steal the souls of power-bearers and turn them into small crystals, in the case of the empowered this leaves them without their power(s) and comatose, but whoever posseses the crystal may then use the power of the person who's soul it contains.

I have also designed a member of the demon hunting order who is oriental, wears more modern clothes than you would expect and wields a katana.

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