Kaitlin Therea is the oldest triplet and one of the main characters in PowerSoul. She has the ability of pyrokinesis, the power to excite atoms in the atmosphere until they ignite. She has red hair and usually wears a green turtle-neck sweater over a red t-shirt with blue jeans. As with her sisters she has a silver pendant in the shape of a flame, and two charm bracelets, the one she wears on he left wrist represents Victoria and the charm is in the shape of a snowflake, and the one on the right embodies Sara and it's charm is lightning shaped. Her soul crystal is red and described as feeling warm to touch.

Personality wise she is cold and aloof, the opposite of what her ability and soul crystal would suggets. She hides her tender side under a tough facade and is actually passionate and temperamental. Despite natually wanting to mix with people, her early losses taught her to mistrust anyone outside her family, and even keep kin at a distance. All this adds up to people labling her as 'frigid'. She feels responsible for the house fire that killed her parents, as it may have been her pyrokinesis that started the fire. Because of this she tries to take care of her sisters.

Character HistoryEdit

Kaitlin was one of the daughters of the first heroes, who defended 'normal' humans against vengeful power-bearers.
Snowflake charm

This is the charm she got from Victoria an wears it on her left bracelet.

Like most of the characters, she is named after an old friend of mine, her last name is an anagram of 'aether' an element made from fire, earth, wind and water. It also sounds somewhat like 'three' referring to her being a triplet.
Lightning bolt charm

This is the charm representing Sara that she wears on the right bracelet

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